THE RULES / Welcome to Hatenai_Subs!

//UPDATE (20 JULY 2020): We've been receiving messages from some people asking to join our community still. Unfortunately, due to the crackdown (and the long period of time after), most of our links are dead. The kind, lovely folks over at arashiproject have kindly assisted to put together a master post of revived links - if you are looking for a video that Hatenai has done, your best chance would be to check out their revival post, where the links are still alive! Thank you so much for your interest in our work ^^

Welcome to hatenai_subs! o/ We're a multi-fandom subbing group. Some of the fandoms we sub for are Arashi, AKB48, and Hey! Say! JUMP, but we also sub for many other fandoms as well.

Community Rules and Guidelines
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If you've read through and understood our guidelines, then please proceed and click the JOIN button! :)


If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to post it at our Questions post! If you're too shy to, all three of us (dreamweavernyx, manatsubi, ohsojuicy21) are open to PMs. PLEASE ENSURE YOU ALLOW PMS TO BE SENT TO YOU FROM PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT YOUR LJ FRIENDS. IF YOU DO NOT CHANGE THESE PRIVACY SETTINGS, WE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO REPLY TO YOUR PM.

PLEASE DON'T PM THE MODS REGARDING COMMUNITY MEMBERSHIP. There is no definite date of reopening, but if we decide to open our doors again we'll let you know!

We warmly welcome you to Hatenai Subs! Enjoy your visit here~♥


We're currently looking for translators, kara-timers and uploaders

We sub for a lot of fandoms, so everybody is welcome. You don't have to like all groups that we sub, even if you only like one group, it's fine with us, as long as you do you job well and you don't do it half-heartedly. If you're interested, please reply to this post with the following email us at hatenai.subs@gmail.com with the following details using the subject [TEAM APPLICATION]:
  • Name/Nickname:
  • Email:
  • Your fandom:
  • Skype/Twitter:
  • Desired position (You can apply for all, if you like)
  • Any additional info you'd like us to know?

NOTE: Please make sure that you are a member of hatenai_subs before applying for a team position.


[mod] The Questions Post

So, this is the place where you can put forth your ideas/suggestions/reactions regarding the teams projects and release :D aka we're too swamped with projects to compile FAQs properly.

In here you can ask/suggest about:
  • Status of our releases
  • If we have plans on releasing a certain project from certain fandoms
  • If we can re-upload a project to a different file-server
  • Softsubs of a released project

However, here are the stuff that you cannot ask about:
  • Why your application got rejected (please read the rules post for that.)
  • Requests. 
  • Personal issues

So, yeah-- Ask away and we'd be more than happy to answer any questions that you might have :D Thanks for supporting hatenai_subs


[MOD] List of current members.


We are happy to introduce to you the people who dedicate (or will) their time and hard work for our ongoing and future projects :)

We work on projects using this cycle:
timing/k-timing --> translating --> editing/spot-translating/QC --> typesetting/k-effects --> encoding --> uploading

  Timers/K-timers:       Translators/Spot-translators:Typesetters/K-effects:Encoders:Uploaders: